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You want your employees to be as safe and productive working from home as they would be in your offices.
Security is always a top priority for us at The Cheap Squad. During these uncertain times with COVID-19 that hasn’t changed. We’re conscious of the nascent technology that is shaping our world. This means we’re constantly working to ensure that the security and tools we provide are the best possible.

Run Your Business
From Anywhere

Why have we been working in stuffy office blocks every day when there’s a rich world out there? Why not work from the beach? Why not go on a morning hike and then fire up your laptop at the top of the mountain? Thermos in hand, fresh air in your lungs, an unrivaled view, and your day’s work ready to go!

Access What You Need,
When You Need It

Anything that you can access at work, you can also access at home – or the top of a mountain! At The Cheap Squad, we believe that you should never feel restricted by your home-working environment. Instead, you should feel empowered and emboldened by it! You can count on us for your virtual company management.

Device Management

Working on the go often requires using unsecured WIFI networks that can put your company data at risk if you don’t have the appropriate cybersecurity controls in place. Let us take care of your device management needs so you can feel confident that your devices are protected no matter where they are.


Automating is key to future-proofing your business and ensuring you stay competitive in a rapidly evolving business landscape. We utilize automation to configure home computers for work by:

  • Deploying VPN access
  • Creating a “work-only” user
  • Enforcing local policies and configurations
  • Deploying required work applications

Virtual HR

Make your human resources department virtual to improve efficiency, reduce overheads, become more integrated, and be everywhere at once! Employees can connect directly to the HR department through virtual software without the need to go through a middleman. This makes the HR operation smoother, more time efficient, and upholds the integrity of employee data.

How We Help

In order to help you help your employees work from home, we’re constantly adapting and improving our approach to security and the use of technology. The following are some of the ways we help.

Secure Home Computers

Work secure on a home computer with password management, antivirus, patch management, web filtering, and backups.

External threat protection

Deploying mail protection, malicious URL filtering, advanced firewalls, and running external vulnerability scanning.

Advanced Firewalls

We deploy endpoint firewalls and log monitoring on your network.

Security Training

Helping your business provide the best user training and password management policies.

Multi-factor Authentication

Set up and configure multi-factor authentication (MFA) for optimum security

Application Security

Securing apps with patch management, application control, and vulnerability scanning.

Backup and Restore

We implement home solutions to have the same reliable backup and restore options that you have at the office.

Device Protection

Endpoint protection and management for devices.
Find out all the ways The Cheap Squad can help secure your employees’ workstations at their homes

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